Updated February 17, 2020

Teresa Williams, Larry Campbell and Levon Helm

Larry Campbell is a three-time Grammy Award winning producer. Larry produced Levon Helm's Electric Dirt, which won a Grammy for Best Americana Album of 2009. Electric Dirt was the follow-up release to Dirt Farmer, which won the 2007 Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album and which Larry also produced (with Amy Helm). In addition, Larry produced Levon Helm's last release, Ramble At The Ryman which won a 2011 Grammy for Best Americana Album.

In 2008, Larry was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for his instrumental work from The Americana Music Association.

In 2013, The Americana Music Association named Larry Instrumentalist of the Year .




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Larry generally performs with his wife, Teresa Williams. This photo is from the November/December 2011 cover of Ulster Magazine where Larry and Teresa were featured in an article.

On June 23rd, 2015, Larry and Teresa released their first self-titled album together. On September 15, 2017, they released a followup album, Contraband Love.


Larry is a guest on Charles Lyonhart's upcoming album. The working title of this new album is Blood and Love. Larry is playing on every song utilizing various instruments including fiddle, guitar and mandolin. Other musicians on the album include Lincoln Schleifer, Denny McDermott and Joel Diamond. Lincoln Schleifer is producing the album which is due out in 2020. In addition, Larry, Lincoln and Charles reworked a song called "Holyman" previously co-written by them which will be included on the album.



Fur Peace Ranch with Teresa Williams and Jorma Kaukonen (April 2019)
Latest Album Productions:
  • Larry produced an album for Italian artists, Paolo Bonfanti and Martino Coppo. Paolo Bonfanti is a blues guitarist, and Martino Coppo plays mandolin. The album is titled Pracina Stomp. Larry plays violin and acoustic guitar on the album, and Larry and Teresa both sing on several songs on the album. Pracina Stomp contains both original songs and covers and was introduced October 12, 2019.

  • Larry also produced an album for Kinky Friedman. The album is titled Resurrection and was released October 15, 2019.

    Willie Nelson is a special guest on Kinky Friedman's album. (July 2019)  

  • Larry produced Travelin' Shoes, the latest album from Marley's Ghost. Larry played fiddle, mandolin, guitar and pedal steel on the album. Marley's Ghost is a band founded in the 1980s, having a strong bluegrass emphasis, but their musical style is diverse. This latest album is a gospel album and was released on February 8, 2019.




The Guitar of Larry Campbell - Interpreting the Gospel Songs and Style of Rev. Gary Davis, an instructional video, is available at Homespun Tapes. Larry and and Teresa Williams offer dynamic performances of five songs by the legendary master, and then Larry breaks down each one, covering both accompaniment and lead parts for learning players.


With Jackie Greene - Columbus, Ohio 2008