Larry and Teresa Williams released their self-titled debut album together on June 23, 2015. Their followup album, Contraband Love was released on September 15, 2017. The album features 8 originial songs and 3 cover songs. Guests on the album include Justin Guip (drummer), Jesse Murphy (bass/tuba), Glenn Patscha (accordion/keyboards), Bill Payne (piano), Byron Isaacs (bass) and Levon Helm (drums). (Levon's sessions were previously recorded during one of his final sessions before he passed away.)

Larry wrote seven of the original songs on the album: "Contraband Love", "Save Me From Myself", "Hit & Run Driver", "The Wishing Well", "Three Days In a Row", "The Other Side of Pain", and "It Ain't Gonna Be A Good Night".

Cover songs on the album include "Turn Around" (featuring drumming by Levon Helm on one of his last sessions), "My Sweetie Went Away," and "Delta Slide".

Larry co-wrote one other original song on the album: "When I Stop Loving You" with William Bell.

Larry also produced the album.