PEDAL STEEL GUITAR: A pedal steel (electric) guitar is another type of steel guitar that has a system of pedals and knee levers that mechanically alter the tuning (which means the notes don't consistently appear in the same place!) while you slide a steel bar up and down the strings.

There are various models with various amounts of pedals. In addition, they often have a different amount of strings (sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the model) than a standard electric guitar. The most common model has 10 strings on each neck. (See picture) Single necks are also fairly common. Physically, playing it requires the use of both hands, both feet, and both knees.
Larry has four pedal steel guitars: A Sho-Bud Pro III , a Sho-Bud Super Pro, an old Sho-Bud single neck and a Zumsteel. The amplifier he uses for the pedal steel is a Blackface Fender Twin Reverb Reissue.


  Larry, playing the Sho-Bud Super Pro that Duane Marrs restored for him.