MANDOLIN: The mandolin is a small string musical instrument with a short neck, having 8 strings in four courses and played with a plectrum. Each of the two strings of a course are tuned in unison. It is tuned the same as a fiddle. The length of the mandolin is about 60 cm (2 feet). As the mandolin does not have much sustain (that is, once plucked, a note does not continue to ring very long), continuous tremolo (rapid back-and-forth picking of one note) is often used. This is the sound many people most associate with the instrument.
There are two models of mandolins. The A Model (pictured above on the left) is symmetrical and teardrop shaped although it often has a round or oval hole instead of f-holes. The F Model ("Florentine") has a body with intricate scroll and a fancy scroll-type peghead. (pictured on the right) Modern day electric mandolins have been built, both as acoustic instruments with a pickup added and as solid-body instruments akin to electric guitars.

Larry owns a Gibson F-9 . (pictured on the left) He also owns a Stiver "F" style mandolin.