Larry's Guitars

1) 1960's Wandre Electric Guitar: Larry bought this guitar from Buddy Miller.

2) "The Frankenstrat": Larry customized this guitar over the years. This stratocaster guitar has a 1968 (Fender) body with a DiMarzio neck, EMG pickups with fat-tone control and indivdual pick-up on/off switches.

3) 1990's Fender Custom Shop Telecaster: This is Larry's main guitar. He bought it at Umanov's in the 1990s. The shop had made it for Bob Dylan, and if you take the neck off, it says "Dylan" in there.

4) 1990's Gibson ES-175: Larry bought this guitar from Gibson Guitars.

5) 1941 Gibson J-45: This guitar is all original although it was refinished in the 1950s.

6) 1954 Martin OOO-21: Larry bought this guitar at Matt Umanov Guitars. It is made of Brazilian rosewood.

7) 2002 Martin D-18-V: This guitar has a Fishman Matrix saddle pickup.

8) Martin Jorma Kaukonen M-30: This guitar is part of the Martin Custom Artist Series.

9) Joe Dinkins Acoustic: Larry bought this from Joe Dinkins of Abingdon, Virginia who made this sort of D-28 replica.

10) Manzer Acoustic Baritone: Larry bought this guitar from Linda Manzer who designs handmade custom guitars.

11) Stefan Sobell Martin Simpson Signature Model: Larry bought this guitar from Stefan Sobell, an instrument builder, who designed this Martin Simpson Signature Model. The guitar is built of particularly pretty scantling Brazilian rosewood with tulipwood binding. It has a fitted Highlander pickup.

12) Stefan Sobell Cittern: Larry bought this cittern from Stefen Sobell. Stefen Sobell built his first cittern in sthe 1970s inspired by an old arch-top guitar and a Portuguese Guitarra.