THE KING OF IN BETWEEN (Garland Jeffreys)

Larry recorded for and co-produced Garland Jeffreys' album, The King Of In Between . Garland is a New York singer and songwriter. The album was released in June, 2011. Larry arranged and played the strings on "Streetwise". He also played guitar on "The Contortionist", "'Til John Lee Hooker Calls Me", "Rock and Roll Music", "The Beautiful Truth" and "In God's Waiting Room". Some of the other artists contributing to the album included Steve Jordan, Mike Merritt, Duke Levine, Duncan Sheik, and Lou Reed.

"Larry Campbell and I met at the old Kenny's Castaways on the Upper East Side back in the day. We figured it must've been then because when we met at my place to talk about making The King Of In Between it brought back a few memories. We started off on a good foot when he said he liked a couple songs I played him; we immediately started talking about various players and we were off to the races.

I've never had such a clear sense about someone being the right person for me to work with. His suggestions, ideas, playing, arrangements and direction, his whole manner was something new to me, despite my many years of recording.

We worked closely and wasted no time getting the basics recorded. The band of Steve Jordan, Duke Levine, Brian Mitchell, Mike Merritt, Larry, and me were locked in from day one. Several of the songs were "live" in the studio: one-take renditions with vocal intact. Preparation for the sessions was succinct, without any wasted time. The entire experience making this album with Larry was without glitches or conflicts and the end result was beyond what I'd expected. Thanks Larry, for your friendship and great judgment." Garland Jeffreys