ELECTRIC GUITAR: The electric guitar was invented to overcome the limited volume of the acoustic guitar. The electric guitar is a quite different instrument. It can have either a solid or hollow body or a semi-hollow body, and the neck is usually, but not always, narrower than an acoustic guitar, depending on the model. The strings are metallic, usually nickel or stainless steel. A microphone or pick up converts the vibration of the strings into an electrical signal. The signals are sent to a device called an amplifier which turn them back to sound. A loudspeaker picks up the sound and increases it further. The electric guitar also has knobs to control the tone and volume. Guitar effects pedals are sometimes used to alter the original sound or tone of the guitar.

Larry has used the following effects pedals before:

  • Durham Electronics - Sex Drive
  • Electro - Harmonix Wiggler
  • MXR Dyna Comp
  • Ibanez - TS9 (modified by Durham Electronics)
  • Line 6 - Delay modeler
  • Hughes & Ketner - Roto-Sphere
  • Ernie Ball Volume Pedal
  • Durham Electronics Custom switching/loop system

    One of the guitars Larry has played is an original Kay triple pick-up model from the 1950s - early 60s.

    The stratocaster that Larry has played with Phil Lesh is sort of a Frankenstein that he customized over the years. It's a '68 body with a DiMarzio neck, some sort of brass bridge, EMG pickups with fat-tone control and indivdual pick-up on/off switches.

    Larry has used a Vox AC30 reissue amplifier when performing.