DOBRO: Dobro is a brand name and stands for "Dopyera Brothers", a manufacturer of resonator (resophonic) guitars. (Another brand name is "National Guitar") The name dobro has become generic for resonator guitars. The resonator guitar has been around since the 1920s and was developed before pick-ups and amps were common. It is a guitar which uses an internal resonator to make it louder. Inside the guitar is a nested cone (or cones) that projects the sound. The body of the dobro is usually pretty small for the volume of sound it projects. It adds a country bluesy touch to music and is usually played in a bluegrass band although modern country music has rediscovered the resonator guitar after abandoning the instrument for decades. It is available with either a wooden or metal body. It is played either upright or horizontally, depending on the model. If played horizontally, the strings are elevated off the neck, and the instrument is played with a bar called a steel. If it is played upright, it is played with or without a slide.


Larry has played a National Model resonater guitar pictured below.