Larry was in a New York City studio with Bob Dylan on December 17, 2000 recording Dean Martin's 1958 hit "Return To Me" for the Sopranos 2 soundtrack. Larry played guitar on the song. Brian Mitchell played accordian on the song. The album was nominated for a Grammy (but did not win) for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media. (2002)

Tuesday, April 25, 2000, Larry was on WFUV 90.7 FM/New York City with Richard Shindell. (Lincoln Schliefer and Dennis McDermott were also present.) Several songs were played off of Richard Shindell's album,  Somewhere Near Paterson, which Larry produced. Three live songs were performed. Larry played violin on "Wisteria" which is off the album. He played mandolin on "Shades of Gray", a song written by Robert Earl Keen. The last song performed live was "Ballad of Mary Magdalen", a song written by Richard Shindell which was on his album, Blue Divide. "Shades of Gray" appeared on City Folk Live III available through WFUV FM Public Radio.

Larry appeared on an album by Steve Forbert called Young, Guitar Days released in 2001. He played pedal steel guitar on "The Weekend", "Planet Earth Song", "Smokey Windows", "One Short Year Gone By", "Get That Vagabond Feeling", and "Leaving Blues". Young, Guitar Days was a compilation album of outtakes (songs that didn't make the final cut for Steve Forbert's first four albums). These 5 songs came from the Steve Forbert album sessions.

Larry was in the studio with Bob Dylan in New York City during May (2001) to record Dylan's album, Love and Theft. Larry played guitar, violin, banjo, and mandolin on the album. The album was nominated for three Grammy Awards. (2002) It was nominated for (but did not win) a Grammy for Album of the Year.  It was also nominated for and did win Best Contemporary Folk Album. Bob Dylan was nominated for (but did not win) Best Male Rock Vocal Performance for "Honest With Me".


"With guest keyboards from Texas legend Augie Meyers, as well as the twin guitars of Charlie Sexton and Larry Campbell, Love and Theft celebrates the most fruitful relationship Dylan's had with a band since The Band." Rob Sheffield (Rolling Stone Magazine - September 27 , 2001) The album received 5 stars.

Larry contributed to Lucy Kaplansky's album called Every Single Day. Larry played cittern, fiddle, guitar (acoustic), guitar (electric), mandolin, pedal steel guitar, and slide guitar on the album. Larry also helped to arrange the album. Every Single Day was awarded Pop Album Of The Year for 2001 from The Association For Independent Music.

Larry recorded during May and June of 2001 with Buddy and Julie Miller. One of the songs recorded was Bob Dylan's "Wallflower". Larry played fiddle on the song. In addition, Larry played fiddle on two other songs on the album, "Little Darlin" written by Julie Miller and "Rock Salt and Nails" written by Bruce "Utah" Phillips. The album (called Buddy and Julie Miller) was nominated for (but did not win) a Grammy for Best Contemporary Folk Album. (2002)

In addition, "Wallflower" appeared on a free cd called Hard Rain Volumes 1 & 2: A Tribute to Bob Dylan, Uncut Magazine's tribute to Dylan CD in the May issue 2002.

Larry recorded during August of 2000 with Charles Lyonhart for his album, Down To The Hardline. The album was dedicated to Bill Campbell, Larry's dad, who passed away in January of 2001. Larry wrote/co-wrote several songs on the album: "Sweet Release" was written by Larry, "Just Like You" was written by Larry & Charles Lyonhart and "The Sad Sad Romance of the Road" was written by Larry & Lincoln Schleifer. In addition Larry produced several songs on the album and co-produced one tune ("The Sad Sad Romance of the Road") with Lincoln. Larry played electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, baritone guitar, pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, resophonic guitar, cittern, violin (fiddle) and mandolin on the album.

Larry appeared on Bob Dylan's recording of Hank Williams' "I Can't Get You Off My Mind" for a Hank Williams tribute cd called Timeless. Larry played guitar on the song. The album was nominated for a Grammy and won for Best Country Album. (2002) The song also appeared on 2 promo cds: New Music Sampler Volume 1 (Australia) and Volume 2 (USA).

Larry played on "Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum" from Bob Dylan's album Love and Theft which appeared on the Bandits soundtrack.

Larry worked with Annie Burns on her cd called Days In Italy. G. E. Smith and Tony Garnier also worked on the album. Larry contributed acoustic guitar, mandolin, and cittern.

Larry made an appearance on an album with Kenny White called Uninvited Guest. Larry played pedal steel on "The Beautiful Changes" and mandolin and fiddle on "One Step Up". Other guests on the album included Peter Wolf, Shawn Colvin, and Marc Cohn.

Larry made an appearance on an album with Rick Robbins (and Rory Block) called Don't Deny My Name. Larry played pedal steel on "Bandit of Brazil" and "The South Coast", mandolin on "Sunday Morning Coming Down", and fiddle on "Beautiful Brown Eyes" and "I Ride An Old Paint." Other guests on the album included John Sebastian, Garth Hudson, and Steve Ide.

Larry made an appearance on an album with Johnny Lockett called Saturday. Larry played pedal steel on "Right Under Your Nose".

Larry was in the studio sometime around April or May 2000 with Bob Dylan to record "Red Cadillac & A Black Moustache" which appears on Good Rockin Tonight: Legacy Of Sun Records. Larry played guitar on the song.

Larry played violin on one track ("Reunion Hill") of Richard Shindell's album, Courier.

Larry played fiddle on "Crescent City" and mandolin on "Streets Of London" on Liz Queler's album, No Small Wonder.

Larry played violin and mandolin on "I'm Gonna Be Strong" (second version) on Cyndi Lauper's album Grandes Sucessos.

Larry played on "America's On Sale" on Alix Olson's spoken word album Built Like That.